Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Holocaust Survivors Essay -- Essays Papers

Holocaust Survivors Who survived the holocaust? What are their lives like today? What has been the governments response towards those who survived after World state of war II? Have the survivors kept their faith? How has the survivors next generation been affected? The survivors of the holocaust were deeply effected by the trauma they encountered. This unforgettable experience influenced their lives, those around them, and point their descendants. When the infamous Hitler began his reign in Germany in 1933, 530,000 Jews were settled in his land. In a matter of years the amount of Jews greatly decreased. After World War II, only 15,000 Jews remained. This small population of Jews was a result of inhumane killings and also the fleeing of Jews to surrounding nations for refuge. After the war, emaciated concentration camp inmates and slave laborers turned up in their previous homes.1 Those who had survived had escaped death from epidemics, starvation, sadistic camp guards, and mass murder plants. Others withstood racial persecution while hiding underground or living illegitimately under assumed identities and were now free to come forth. Among all the survivors, most wished not to return to Germany because the memories were too strong. Also, some become loyal to the new awkward they had entered. Others feared the Nazis would rise again to power, or that they would not be treated as an equal in their own land. There were a few, though, who felt a certificate of indebtedness to return to their home land, Germany, to find closure and to face the reality of the recent years. 2 They felt they could not run anymore. Those survivors wanted to rejoin their national community, and render others who had persecuted them that they could succeed. In order to enco... ... 160. 8. Norbert Muhlen, The Survivors (New York Crowell Company, 1962), 38-39. 9. Norbert Muhlen, The Survivors (New York Crowell Company, 1962), 40-42. 10. Survivors of the Holocaust -Study Guide

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